The past two decades have seen revolutionary shifts in our ability to navigate, inhabit, and defi

Political acts are encoded in medial forms—feet marching on a street, punch holes on a card, imag

Neither apolitical nor governmental, to be involved in politics without aspiring to govern… such

"In the first section, ‘Pessimism of the Intellect’, I adduce arguments for believing that we hav

“The deliberate, massive environmental damage in the recent Gulf conflict calls for a distinct la

The project ‘Fifth Geneva Convention’ consists of a series of roundtable conferences designed to

“Now if there is a law, and thus a history, for subjective wars, there is none for objective viol

While freedom has been the most important motif of accounts of human history since the Enlight

In an excerpt from his acclaimed book The Slave Ship: A Human History, historian Marcus Redike

Evil media studies is not a discipline, nor is it the description of a category of particularly u

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