Lecture:: Demons, Dungeons and The Shared Humanity of the Non-Human

Edmund Clark
Centre for Research Architecture
March 5 2013 2-4 pm
RHB 312

This talk will explore how Clark represents the experience of control and detention in the hidden prisons of the War on Terror.

Focussing on his books 'Guantanamo: If The Light Goes Out' and 'Control Order House' he will discuss how he combines photography of architecture, space and objects with found material, to evoke wider ideas of shared experience and humanity.

'Guantanamo; If The Light Goes Out' evokes three notions of home: the complex of prison camps at Guantanamo where the detainees have been held; and the homes, new and old, where former detainees now find themselves trying to rebuild their lives; and the naval base at Guantanamo, home to the American community and of which the camps are just a part. The work’s disjointed narrative conveys the sense of disorientation and dislocation central to techniques of incarceration and interrogation Guantanamo.

'Control Order House' is new work exploring the house where a terrorist suspect was made to live in the UK under the conditions of Control Order or Terrorism Prevention Investigation Measure - a form of detention without trial based on secret evidence that the 'controlled person's' lawyers never see. Clark is the only artist to gain access to one of the 52 men held under these conditions. He photographed and measured every room in the house. Any material he produces has to be cleared by the man's lawyers and the Home Office. It would be an offence for Clark's work to reveal his identity or his location.

Edmund Clark is an award-winning artist interested in issues of representation, law and history.
Clark's work has been acquired for national and international collections, including The National Portrait Gallery, London, The Imperial War Museum, London, The National Media Museum, Bradford. Awards include the Royal Photographic Society Hood Medal for outstanding photography for public service in 2011. He was shortlisted for the Prix Pictet for 2012.

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