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‘Screening the End of the World’
Tuesdays 6pm. RHB 312.

Tuesday 8.1 Melancholia. Lars von Trier 2011
As Justine and Michael celebrate their wedding in the most sumptuous of settings, the planet, Melancholia, is hurtling towards Earth. Opening the Spring Term screening series with this psychological disaster movie, in which the end of the world has never been shown more beautifully.

Tuesday 15.1 Encounters at the End of The World. Werner Herzog 2007
This cinematic encounter is Werner Herzog’s exploration of Antarctica. Anticipating its natural beauty, this voyage investigates what human life in this environment can be like.

Tuesday 22.1 Out of the Present. Andrei Ujica 2001
In May 1991, Sergei Krikalev blasts off into space from the Soviet Union, and boards the USSR's crowning achievement, the MIR Space Station. But as Krikalev orbits around Earth, his country collapses and ceases to exist. He is unable to return as scheduled. When he ultimately does come back to Earth, his world has been transformed.

Tuesday 29.1 Kivalina vs Exxon. Ben Adelman 2011
In an epic battle against the world’s biggest polluters—the oil and gas corporations—Kivalina, a tiny village in Northwest Alaska, struggles to survive and save itself from the consequences of global warming. Within the celebratory aftermath of the widely disseminated Mayan prediction of the End of the World, and in conjunction with the Centre for Research Architecture’s discourse on the Anthropogenic Unconscious, this series of film screenings continues to playfully interrogate cinematic interpretations of our complex understanding of the potentiality of these future catastrophic events. Traversing the viewer from the deepest depths of our melancholic self conscious, through an accumulated archive of the dizzying heights of outer space, back down to the heated melting pot of environmental legal discourse, this series intends to interrupt and deface our epistemic understanding of what could be the ‘Screening of the End
of the World’.

All students, faculty and guests are welcome. For more information, please contact Alon Schwabe or Helene Kazan at vc206as@gold.ac.uk *BYOP

Wednesday, January 23, 2013 - 22:00
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