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December 2-5 2014
During this week the Centre for Research Architecture has organised a series of events (lecture, workshop, MA/PhD seminar) that brings together a wide range of practitioners who are working with new digital tools and methods to analyse and investigate political violence using images captured from at a distance (i.e. aerial photography, earth observation satellites, drone video streams, geo-locational mapping/tagging with Google Earth). How can we work with such technologies to expose, monitor, and investigate human rights violations and contemporary conflicts? What are the new legal and theoretical challenges that imaging at a distance creates? In addition to these programmed events students will have an opportunity to bring specific questions and research materials forward in order to help shape the discussion.

"Architecture in the Anthropocene" book launch

A book launch for Architecture in the Anthropocene: Encounters Among Design, Deep Time, Science and Philosophy, edited by Etienne Turpin (Ann Arbor: MPublishing/Open Humanities Press, November 2013).

14:00—17:00, Friday 6 December 2013
Centre for Research Architecture
Room 312RHB
Goldsmiths University of London

Organized by Nabil Ahmed and the Center for Research Architecture

Michel Feher Lecture Series - The Age of Appreciation: Six Lectures on the Neoliberal Condition

1. The Neoliberal Condition and its predecessors: Redemption, Fulfillment, Appreciation
2. Improve Your Credit: What Human Capital Wants
3. The Journey to Self-Esteem: How Human Capital Blossoms
4. Thank You for Sharing: The Social Life of Human Capital
5. When Human Capital Rebels: The Case for Embracing Our Neoliberal Condition
6. Investee Activism: Another Speculation is Possible


i) Wednesday November 20 Inaugural Lecture by Michel Feher
NAB LG01, 6-8pm

The Neoliberal Condition and its predecessors: Redemption, Fulfillment, Appreciation. This is the first in a series of six lectures to be presented by Michel Feher at Goldsmiths for the years 2013-2015. This new Visual Cultures initiative is organized around the concept of Operative Thought and how the Political Practice of Ideas takes shape.

RT 6 - Earthly poison

Why ?

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RT 5 - Activism on the Map

To be involved in politics without aspiring to govern, governed by the best leaders, or abolish the institutions of government: such are the constraints that delineate the field of nongovernmental politics.

RT 4 - Devil's Advocate

Current conflicts over territ­ory and resources bring to the fore the import­ance of spatial and mater­ial evid­ence to the resol­u­tion of legal and polit­ical disputes. The seminar Devils Advoc­ate in CRA sets out to inter­rog­ate such present­a­tion of evid­ence in diverse and often contra­dict­ory polit­ical and legal forums. Its goal is to think the artic­u­la­tion of expert evid­ence and docu­ment­a­tion with legal advocacy, towards a prag­mat­ics of inter­ven­tion through law, while at the same time ques­tion­ing the limits of law itself as a polit­ical tool.

Lecture:: Demons, Dungeons and The Shared Humanity of the Non-Human

Edmund Clark
Centre for Research Architecture
March 5 2013 2-4 pm
RHB 312

This talk will explore how Clark represents the experience of control and detention in the hidden prisons of the War on Terror.

Focussing on his books 'Guantanamo: If The Light Goes Out' and 'Control Order House' he will discuss how he combines photography of architecture, space and objects with found material, to evoke wider ideas of shared experience and humanity.

Fifth Geneva Convention - Nature, conflict and international law in the anthropocene

RT3 January 25 – 26, 2013
Centre for Research Architecture, Goldsmiths | London School of Economics and Political Science
(detailed program and participants'bios in the right column)

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